Planter Wall


The benefits of indoor plants go far beyond aesthetics, with cleaner air having a direct effect on task performance and productivity in the office.

The team at Knight are committed to ensuring the products you select are durable for long-term performance and value. Look for our new 15 Year Warranty products, like our Planter Wall – we delivery on quality and standard by our product.

*Please note the warranty excludes plants.

In open plan offices, space is frequently divided by screens, either to provide a limited amount of privacy or to separate different functions within the area.

Instead of regular screens, try a “green” solution with a selection of fresh, innovative plants, to create an instant soothing green zone for busy, stressed out workers.

Indoor Plant Benefits

Help improve indoor air quality.

Help reduce sick building syndrome

Help improve well being

Help improve productivity and performance

Help to lower stress and negative feelings

Help to reduce noise

The Planter Wall

Option 1:
Frame Only

Option 2:
Frame & Pots Only

Option 3:
Frame, Pots & Plants Only (excludes stones)

Make a powerful visual statement and improve your business image with potential clients with our latest addition the Planter Wall.