15 Year Warranty

At Knight, we’ve embraced a lot of change since we started in 1987. We’ve grown from a small family business to become an industry leader throughout New Zealand. We know our roots, never tried to be too serious, or pretend to be something we’re not. What we are serious about, is the relentless pursuit of quality behind our products.

We design, and build for endurance, then rigorously test to the equivalent of 15 years of average usage. We’ve spent years researching and putting into place production controls that comply with international certifications. We guarantee a true promise of quality & design that stands the test of time. The home of New Zealand’s best office furniture warranty.

“We know the peace of mind a policy like this can give when making a purchase and the Knight business has always revolved around staying true to our values – and we are pleased to now be able to offer an added benefit of a 15 Year Warranty to our customers.”

Lyall Clapham

Look for our new 15 Year Warranty across Seating, Desking, Screens, Tables, MotionOffice & Storage.